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Episode One: Diary of a BlueZoner


In this episode, follow my saga after I ended up in ICU with a shattered spine. The ensuing changes turned my world upside down. Although I thought I lived in a secure bubble in the BlueZone, see what happens when the therapist needed therapy.

One day I helped patients recover from injuries, the next day I lay helpless with a shattered spine.

I graduated recently from Loma Linda University School of Allied Health as a physical therapist. And thought the world ahead of me full of active potential. Suddenly I landed on my broken back.

Learn from the experts that helped me to regain my life back.

What I discovered is recovery from injury is much more than skin and bone deep. And it took people who had their own road to recovery to help me get my life back.

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We wanted to share the information we learned from interviewing our colleagues and mentors who follow a Blue Zone Lifestyle. It is a message that anyone who wants to live should hear. For true health. Today and beyond.