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Digital Health Consulting

Digital Health Consulting. A new paradigm in bringing cutting edge true health advice from professionals.

Forward Thinking

We are constantly researching to find the latest articles in finding facts to help you know the best path to your future in longevity.

Problem Solvers

Our goal is to give 110% to help you achieve true health in all aspects of whole person care that is body, brain and heart. Conditions come on over many years and take time to resolve.

Finding Solutions Quick

Our team will work to get you through those tough situations in your quest for a healthy mind and body. We plan to be as responsive within 24 hours to your question.

Come Be a Part of the Community

To spend three weeks at a Lifestyle Center will cost upwards of $5,000 or more. And there are cases that people revert back to their former habits. That is why we have created an individualized coaching team to be there for you throughout the year.  Join the family style team that will keep you motivated, encouraged to reach optimum health.

Our Story


All three BlueZone Insiders have had their own health challenges from various circumstances. And each of us also have studied in the medical fields providing a solid scientific foundation. Yet we all know healing is more than skin deep. There is a multi-disciplinary approach needed to help people recover and lead normal lives. Dr. Joyce Choe, Loralyn Horning and Grace Lossev are here to help you get “Back to Life”. Back to really living the life that God intended for you.

  • Health Documentary Series 80%
  • Internet Following 60%
  • Digital Health Consulting 50%
  • Customer Happiness 90%
Dr. Joyce Choe

Dr. Joyce Choe

Ophthamologist, Lifestyle Counselor

Dr. Joyce Choe’s remarkable health journey started innocently with a round of antibiotics that as a resident herself prescribed to her patients. However, as time played out the horrible effects of the medications, Joyce faced a long, hard battle to survive from the terrible muscle fatigue, bone and joint pain, weakness and gut problems that followed. It wasn’t until she went through a very thorough testing of what foods help and which foods hurt that she realized how to be in a functional lifestyle again. Today, she has amassed a wealth of knowledge from personal study as well as her medical background and is counseling others in need.
Loralyn Horning RN, BS Health Education, Certified Health Counselor

Loralyn Horning RN, BS Health Education, Certified Health Counselor

Nutritional and Food Sensitivity Specialist

With her own health challenge beginning early on when her children were still small, Loralyn faced the big “C” diagnosed with breast cancer. A journey that helped her become the specialist in identifying the problem foods for others in their quest to combat diseases, she is able to combine her personal success with medical expertise based on sound wholistic health principles.
Grace Lossev PT

Grace Lossev PT

Physical Therapist, Cognitive Behavior Certification, Certified Depression Recovery Facilitator

Grace Lossev developed a passion for helping others in need. When she started her career as a physical therapist on her way home to visit her parents, she suddenly found herself in a horrifying car accident flying through the air and ending with a crushed spine. From caregiver to patient, she learned firsthand that healing is much deeper than just mending muscles and bones. Now she is using her skills to consult with others who are going through similar circumstances to get “back to life”.