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BlueZone Insiders

Have you heard of the Blue Zones?

Places in the world where people live the longest.

Health is Wealth

Health is not everything, but without health everything is nothing

BlueZone Insiders Docu-Series

6 episodes with dozens of doctors, medical professionals and inspiring stories of those who follow the Loma Linda Blue Zone lifestyle

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Episode One: Diary of a BlueZoner

What is the life of a BlueZoner like? Hear stories from our BlueZone Insiders and some of the incredible comebacks they made in their lives in this first episode.

Episode Two: Unlocking the Secrets through BlueZone History

It’s a colorful one and full of twists and turns. Unlock the secrets of the BlueZone in America by learning it’s past. View the episode and the fun and interesting past to gain the knowledge on longevity.

Episode 3 and more: How BlueZoners Deal with Our Toxic World

Everyone knows our world is becoming more and more toxic from the air we breathe, food we eat and environment.

 Dr. Michael Robinson

Dr. Michael Robinson

Dr. Michael Robinson worked as medical director at the Adventist Guam Clinic and currently practices lifestyle medicine as a Family Practitioner near Spokane, Washington. He is an international speaker and also a member of AMEN, a group of medical practitioners seeking to share wholistic health care to those in need.

 Dr. Richard Lukens

Dr. Richard Lukens

Dr. Richard Lukens worked for over 20 years at the Weimar Institute Lifestyle Center watching countless people reverse their diabetes and other chronic conditions through time tested methods using this Blue Zone mindset. He has worked in Africa for many years. As an international speaker he gave lectures educating throughout the world.

 Dr. Michael Robinson

Dr. Joyce Choe

Dr. Joyce Choe is a physician holding board certification in Ophthalmology and works as an eye surgeon. She has a Master’s Degree in Public Health (MPH) with an emphasis in Health Promotion and Health Education. In addition to her conventional training, Dr. Choe has decades of experience in the alternative and complementary health fields. She is currently offering training as Medical Missions and promotes plant based foods on with her partner, Mercy Ballard at Wholeness Market. 


“I just had the opportunity to watch your video. Excellent initiative! Thank you for sharing…

It leads me in putting plans together for a ‘Plant-Based Health Summit’ in New York City.” Ivan From New York City, USA

Heidi's Health Kitchen, HHK

Great  video intro to your amazing project!
Jane from San Francisco Bay Area

Health Advocate

“I have written quite extensively on the Blue Zones myself for my training centre. I really love what you are doing.”
Michele from Australia

Health Training Centre Director, Health Reform, Perth Australia

Alot of my friends asking me “What is in Blue Zones?” For I always share to them. Katherine from Philippines

Health Enthusiast

“Its a good idea, I am interested” Kinyaga from Kenya

Mechanical Engineer, Rabbit Nuclear Engineering

National Geographic Blue Zones

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Click on the Markers to find out where the #1 Men's and Women's Longevity Hotspots are located. Find the Island where people forgot to die. Find America's Longevity Hotspot where this group live 10 years longer than their counterparts in the same city.

Loma Linda, California

Okinawa, Japan

Sardinia, Italy

Nicoya, Costa Rica

Ikaria, Greece

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